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Friday, July 16, 2004

ARGH!!! The Frustration!!!

Well, I had to do it.... I had to rip out my knitting again!  Actually, I made my Mom do it.  I couldn't put myself through the pain a fourth time.  I'm working on the second half of my cardigan (pictured in a previous post) and the cable just isn't turning out right.  It looks like crap compared to the other half.  I was trying to make the cable twist in the opposite direction (so the sweater will look balanced) but its just not working out.  The cable keeps ending up smaller and not as "puffy".  It kinda just blends into the sweater and looks awful.  So, after ripping it out 3 times myself, and then having my mom rip out 5", I've decided to just go ahead and twist both cables the same way.  Sure, it will look like I'm heading off in one direction whenever I wear my sweater but at least it won't look quite so stupid.  I think, however, that I may have to wait a couple days before I pick it up again.  (the rage is still just a little too strong)  sigh.


  • Yeah for mom's! They love to help. Even if you look like you're going in one direction, your knitting still looks awesome! What I'd really like to see is a cable knit sweater for Buster!! :) A. Anne

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:17 a.m.  

  • Hello there.... Your sweater is coming along nicely. I am trying to teach my stepdaughter to knit. She lives 550 miles away so we have lonnnnnnnnnng distance phone conversations. For a beginner I think you have made wonderful progress. Don't get discouraged about ripping out. It is all part of the learning experience. I look forward to your future pics.

    By Blogger Maureen, at 2:04 p.m.  

  • I sympathise with the rip, I hate doing that.Your sweater looks great so far. I think only knitters notice when the cables all go the same way.

    A good way to practice your cables is to get some spare yarn and play away, no ripping because it doesn't matter what the spare swatch looks like.

    By Blogger Amy Boogie, at 4:27 a.m.  

  • ugh. i hate ripping out. seems like all my projects lately i have to finish at least twice. (and only twice if i am lucky). i am just trying to think of it as practice and me becoming a better knitter. If nothing else i am getting good at making myself believe that!

    By Blogger xmasberry, at 8:01 a.m.  

  • I definitely understand the frustration of the "First Sweater." It's gonna look great in the end though, and your blog is great! Buster's so cute!

    Keep trying. You will perservere! :)

    By Blogger caramelknits, at 5:41 p.m.  

  • Thought you might like to know that I was perusing my knitting stitch books the other night and noticed that all cables twisted in that direction (even when knit by experts) seem to come out with a bit of a folded spot....not nicely perfect like going in the other direction. I've added that to my list of mental notes for future design projects.

    With my failing memory perhaps I should have jotted the note down hey? But then again, I would probably just lose the note!

    By Blogger Marlene, at 11:03 a.m.  

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