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Thursday, May 17, 2007

50 Things

I was inspired by Robyn's post of "Throw 50 Things Away to Declutter Your Mind & Think Clearly".
I must say that it was hard for the first few items and then I was on a roll! By the last 3 items I was really searching hard for junk lurking in my cupboards! Goodbye Clutter!!!

1. Ring Holder that I never use
2. Prenatal Vitamins (will be expired before next pregnancy)
3. Cool Keychain Puzzle (that I never use)
4. Bracelets that were cool about 10 years ago
5. Nechlace Charms from about 10 years ago
6. Beaded necklaces that I never wear
7. Mini-Elastics (I can't even remember why I have them)
8. Old Glasses Case
9. Ring Box (empty)
10. Deodorant that I don't like
11. Perfume box that I thought was pretty
12. Body Lotion that smells way too flowery
13. Old Tanning Lotion
14. Expired Natural Hand Cream
15. Moisturizing Face Mist (that gives me pimples!!!)
16. Old Makeup
17. Shoelaces (Gold coloured, ew!)
18. Tiny cross-stitch picture (from a kit from the dollar store)
19. Broken prism thingy (that makes rainbows on the wall when hung in a window)
20. Iron-on flowers
21. HUGE bag of clothes (this should count as 50 items itself!!!)
22. Brush that rips hair out! ouch!!!
23. Old Toothbrush
24. Perfume Samples
25. Razor Refills for a Razor I no longer have
26. Bubble bath that has little glitter flecks in it that mess up the tub
27. Hair Spiking Glue that I bought for Halloween years ago
28. Expired Medications
29. Toilet Brushes that were here when we bought the house (um, gross)
30. Photography video that came free with my camera
31. Little Boxes that I thought would be good for wrapping gifts
32. Old Calendars (why did I even still have these!?!?)
33. BC Baby Care Book (I had 2 copies)
34. Broken Sunglasses (these were actually Jeramey's and he never wears them so he probably won't even notice that they're gone)
35. Toy from the dollar store that didn't fit into the charity package I bought it for
36. Can of Snails. (bought at the dollar store as a joke for a party)
37. Box of Tea that I don't like (Lemon Ginger)
38. Take-out Menus from Restaraunts we don't order from
39. Corkscrew that NEVER works properly
40. Plastic Forks and Knives from KFC
41. Broken Coaster
42. Ratty Old Discloths (I made new ones)
43. Freezerburnt Ice Cream
44. Lush Catalogue (Natural Bath Products store that Jeramey gets me gifts from... don't need the catalogue because I don't buy stuff for myself - I like the gifts. ;-D )
45. Dog Cookies that Charlie won't eat
46. Garden Gloves (one got shrunk in the wash and doesn't fit)
47. Rent Receipts (no longer renting out the basement suite)
48. Pens that don't work
49. Paint Samples for a room that we already chose a colour for
50. Christmas decoration that I forgot to put away with the Christmas stuff which is now at the back of a closet... and I don't like that decoration anyway.

TaDa! 50 items!
Go on, Take the Challenge!!! ;-)


  • Yey - I'm glad that you feel clutter free now! What a great challenge!


    By Blogger Knitting Mama, at 11:27 AM  

  • you can still take the prenatal vitamins, particularly if you're nursing. be healthy!

    other than that, i agree with your list, lol

    By Blogger dragon knitter, at 7:10 PM  

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