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Friday, August 27, 2004


It's happened.....I've officially become a "knitter". How can I be sure? Well, when I was visiting my Mom yesterday, we went to the yarn shop. Now, before I admit my terrible actions, I would like to say that my Mom taught me to knit in the first place, so I blame my new addiction entirely on her. I have been working diligently on my cabled cardigan and was quite happy to continue exclusively with that large project.....but then we went to the yarn shop. It's not my fault! I couldn't help myself!......I've started , gasp, a STASH!!! See, I found this cool pattern for a felted knitting bag on the knitters review and was intending to go "check prices" on the wool for it. I caved! I bought the wool! I also found a cool pattern for a hilarious little piggy potholder (also on knitters review) and I HAD to make it....it's really funny....could YOU resist? I don't think so! Besides, it only cost me $1.50 for that! Now, two little extra projects isn't so bad, right? But then I saw this neat scarf that the lady at the yarn shop had made (half fisherman's rib - really soft and squishy!)....my fiance is out of town right now, so what better time to knit him a surprise scarf, right? So I bought some yarn for that too. Here's the photographic evidence of my guilt. (notice I've even started knitting the scarf!!!) This isn't so bad, right? I'm still a good person! I can stop knitting any time I want.....really!


  • Hah, hah, and HAH! Don't let Kristy fool anyone. I distinctly recall that she had me take her to the bank BEFORE we went to the yarn store. I've watched enough "who-dunn-it"s to know that THAT constitutes PRE-meditated spending!! She "was intending to go check prices" my ASS! And I'm no conspirator either. I had NO idea what her intentions were!

    And as far as "so I blame my new addiction entirely on her" goes. Hah! You didn't see ME spending money at the LYS! I *sniff* have self-control!

    ('scuse me, I have to go order my Rogue pattern now....)

    By Blogger Marlene, at 3:07 p.m.  

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