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Thursday, October 28, 2004

*&#@*% Theif!!!!

About 2 minutes after my fiance left for work yesterday morning (and about 5 minutes before I had to leave) he came back into our apartment and told me that BOTH our vehicles had been stolen!!! Now, of course, I thought he was kidding. That just doesn't happen, right? Both vehicles? I went outside and sure enough, they were both GONE! The parking stall where my little CRX is usually nestled so cosy was EMPTY! Now here is a good time to let everyone know that I LOVE MY CAR! It's the cutest little car....its MY car. I was absolutely devastated. I would NEVER take anybody else's belongings.... why did somebody take my car? (AND my fiance's car!)... because they're little punks, that's why. If I ever caught them...grrrrrrrr. Anyway, we called the cops, and our insurance place, etc. Luckily we both got rental cars for free with our insurance so we were able to go to work (although very late) They've found both vehicles now... both of them have the locks and ignitions damaged. argh! We can't get them back until the police fingerprint them, etc. Then we need to get them repaired. I still won't ever like the fact that some little creep was driving my car. Here's a picture of my baby.....

I miss my car. :-(


  • That's awful! At least the cars were found and you'll be getting them back. It must make you so angry to know some sleez would do that and to your cute car no less!

    By Blogger ErLeCa, at 9:48 a.m.  

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