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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And the Verdict Is......

I wish I knew!!! I had my ultrasound today but the technician wouldn't tell me the sex of the baby... she said she knows and she will tell my doctor. ACK!!! The anticipation is driving me nuts!!!
The ultrasound itself was soooo cool! I had no idea we would be able to see the baby in such detail. It was so neat watching the little heart beat and seeing the little guy or girl (argh! why couldn't she just tell me!?!?) moving around in there. My husband and my Mom both got to come in and see it. It was super-cool for all of us.
Here's the first picture of our little one.... what a cutie already! :-)

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And I didn't want the little one to feel left out of his/her first halloween..... so here he/she is all dressed up in a costume! haha. :-D

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Big, BIG, Belly!!!

Woah!!! Holy expanding waistband Batman!!!
It's been less than a month since my first "belly" photo and let's just say I've grown. I don't really think I'm supposed to be this big this soon, but oh well. It's not soft or anything.... It's a big, firm belly. The doctor assures me that I'm a perfectly normal size for 19.5 weeks. Yeah, okay, sure. :-)

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I've been feeling the baby moving quite a bit this week! It's a really weird / cool feeling! It makes it all suddenly seem that much more "real". It's an odd concept to grasp... there's a little person LIVING INSIDE ME!!!! WEIRD!!! :-)
Jeramey has gotten over his belly touching phobia. Now he's the opposite. He's constantly harassing me to "see the belly" and he always wants to touch it. He thinks it's cute. We'll see if he still thinks it's "cute" in 4 months when I'm enormous and taking up the entire bed! :-)

My ultrasound is booked for October 31st.... yes, Halloween.... I hope they don't tell me I'm having a pumpkin!!! (although, it's starting to feel that way!)
We are VERY excited about seeing the little guy or girl for the first time. We are planning on finding out the sex if we can. I just can't stand the anticipation. I know I will be happy with a girl or a boy but I'm really, really curious to find out. Anybody care to take a guess??? 2 weeks before we know (hopefully) the answer!


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