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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Hi! It's me....MONKEY!!! My mom haz bin rilly bizzy lately and haznt been able to post on her blog cuz she got a new job that she started last munday. So... I'm making a post all by myself! Its pritty hard for me to tipe cuz i dont hav fingers.... but im trying enyway.

its rilly fun wen my mom is a work cuz i can do watever i want (like post on her blog) and she dusnt even know so i dont get in truble.
i gave up on my sweter (i dont know if my mom alredy told yoo) but she is making another one for me but she said i cant hav it until valentines day. i dont know why i cant hav it yet but i saw the yarn and its red and wite so maybee its a speshal valentine sweter. well, i should go now cuz my mom will be home from work soon. BYE! From MONKEY.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Lazy Monkey

Monkey has given up on his sweater..... aparently he wants me to knit it for him. What a lazy little monkey. So, while I was busy working on his sweater today, he spent the day watching tv and playing video games. He's lucky he's cute or he wouldn't be getting away with this.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Monkey's New Hat

We've been having a bit of a cold snap here lately. It's been quite frosty in the mornings and Monkey has been cold. He's been trying to knit himself a sweater.

Unfortunately he hasn't had much success so far. (poor little Monkey)
I decided to help lift his spirits by knitting him a toque. He absolutely loves it. (I'm quite proud of it myself - no pattern or anything)

I think I will give him a hand with that sweater and see if we can figure it out together.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Pattern Book

In response to a question about Monkey..... He was made from a pattern in a book called "Knitted Toys" by Fiona McTague. It's an excellent book with all sorts of cute toys for all skill levels. (Monkey was a Level 2)

Monday, January 03, 2005

Introducting MONKEY

I know, I know, I said I would be updating my blog more often now that I have the digital camera. I'm sorry, but I've been really busy with Christmas, family, etc. Speaking of Christmas, I got a bunch of awesome stuff this year! Knitting related items included a pack of sock yarn from my big sis (enough to make 3 pairs of socks) I've never knit socks before but I've been wanting to learn for a while now. I've started the first sock and it was going great until I got to the heel.....*^&$^&*&$&#*#%$#%&$*#!!!!!!! (perhaps I will post some pictures on my next entry and get some advice - something is definately wrong) I also received a pattern book for knitting toys. My mom, knowing me as well as she does, knew I would want to make the monkey first so she included the neccessary yarn for the project. (mom is so awesome) Yes, I am 23 years old and still love stuffed toys.....there's nothing wrong with that, is there? Once I started knitting "Monkey" (a better name for him in the future perhaps?) I couldn't stop until he was finished. I think he turned out pretty cute for my first attempt at knitting a monkey. What do you think?

I know you all think he is very cute but he's already been up to some monkey-trouble. First of all, he ate all the christmas chocolates I left on the coffee table. I bet you think I'm just blaming him - that it was actually me who ate them all but I have evidence.....

Then, he got into the cupboards and ate the cookies. (also wasn't me)

I couldn't get mad at him though.... I mean, look at that innocent little face...

I think Monkey is going to be a regular on my blog now..... he's pretty photogenic.


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