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Friday, August 27, 2004


It's happened.....I've officially become a "knitter". How can I be sure? Well, when I was visiting my Mom yesterday, we went to the yarn shop. Now, before I admit my terrible actions, I would like to say that my Mom taught me to knit in the first place, so I blame my new addiction entirely on her. I have been working diligently on my cabled cardigan and was quite happy to continue exclusively with that large project.....but then we went to the yarn shop. It's not my fault! I couldn't help myself!......I've started , gasp, a STASH!!! See, I found this cool pattern for a felted knitting bag on the knitters review and was intending to go "check prices" on the wool for it. I caved! I bought the wool! I also found a cool pattern for a hilarious little piggy potholder (also on knitters review) and I HAD to make it....it's really funny....could YOU resist? I don't think so! Besides, it only cost me $1.50 for that! Now, two little extra projects isn't so bad, right? But then I saw this neat scarf that the lady at the yarn shop had made (half fisherman's rib - really soft and squishy!)....my fiance is out of town right now, so what better time to knit him a surprise scarf, right? So I bought some yarn for that too. Here's the photographic evidence of my guilt. (notice I've even started knitting the scarf!!!) This isn't so bad, right? I'm still a good person! I can stop knitting any time I want.....really!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

New & Improved Elves

I've been working on the knitting elves. Here's the new and improved versions. (no colour yet)

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Knitting Elves

Wow! I've finally made some progress on my sweater! I guess I got over the whole "ripping out frustration" issue. Here' s a picture of how far I am on my project. Notice the little dog paw in the lower left-hand corner! (fancies herself the next Vana White I think!)

I can't believe how much I've done! No, seriously, I can't believe how much I've done. I'll knit for a while and then put it away.... The next time I take it out to work on it, it seems like WAY more is finished than I thought. At first I just assumed it was me. I mean, it was the only logical explanation considering its just me and my fiance living here.... and he can't/won't knit (guys - always have to be so macho) And then I came up with the theory of knitting elves. That's right, knitting elves. I think I have a knitting elf that comes out at night and works on my sweater for me.... how sweet of him. Below is my "artist's depiction" of what my knitting elf looks like.

Now, I know right about now you're all wishing you had a cool little knitting elf like me..... but be careful what you wish for!!! See, I think my Mom might have a knitting elf too. She works so hard on these really complicated projects. She'll knit for hours and hours (and she is a fast knitter!) and the next time she picks up her project it seems like she has made no progress at all! That's because her knitting elf is nasty. He comes out at night and rips out all her hard work!!! (I can't wait til Mom reads this! haha!) See the nasty little creep below.

So.... do YOU have a knitting elf? If yes, which one???

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Weekend Adventure

Last February, my fiance and I attended the Vancouver Outdoor Show. (basically a bunch of companies crammed in a stadium trying to sell you stuff) We entered EVERY draw they had (and most of the booths had draws) And, surprise! I won something!!! YAY! I won a whitewater rafting trip for 2 including 1 night stay in a riverside cabin at Sunwolf Outdoor Centre in Squamish BC. We went a couple of weeks ago and had a blast! It was sooo much fun! I was totally scared but I had a great time. It was just scary enough to be absolutely thrilling but not too scary. (I didn't crap my pants or anything) They have a cool place there, and they really take care of you. They serve muffins and coffee before you go, and there's a huge barbeque waiting for you when you get back (all included!) The guides were really cool, (we had Henrik, and he rocked!) they really know their stuff and make you feel safe(ish). I recommend to anybody who hasn't tried whitewater rafting to go for it! You'll love it! Here's a picture (no, its not me, or my trip - but its cool anyway)


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