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Monday, July 25, 2005

Ah, Summer

Monkey and I have been out enjoying the wonderful stretch of sunshine we've been having..... Looks like summer is here at last!!!

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

LionBrand Velvet Spun

Okay, I am somewhat ashamed to admit it, but I recently got sucked in to a cute little "ball-band" pattern. You know what I'm talking about.... that somewhat pricey ball of yarn with the adorable pattern on the band that promises great results with only one ball of this wonderful new yarn!!! The culprit - LionBrand Velvet Spun Yarn with their cute little "Knit Baby Hat". Now, I have to admit that the hat turned out just fine... as you can see.
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The only problem I had was that this yarn is freakin' impossible to work with!!!! Maybe its just me but I found myself having to really yank on it quite often to make a simple knit stitch.... I think I'm just not used to working with this type of yarn.... I don't think there is anything actually wrong with it. I have to admit that it is really soft though.... but does leave little "fluffs" everywhere.
Don't worry, I will not leave you without your "Monkey - fix" :-) Here he is trying on the baby hat (he insists on trying on EVERYTHING)

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