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Monday, June 19, 2006

Anonymous Blog Hijack

SOME people seem to have a hard time updating their blog. Maybe if I provide a picture she can come up with some witty words to go with it?

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Guests? Please drop the blog owner a line to encourage her to post hmmmm?

Ummm.....Kris? Feel free to edit this post when you find it. :-D

HEY!!! My blog has been infiltrated!!! :-) Okay, okay, I know I don't post enough....
The picture of Monkey and Donkey (the real donkey - from Shrek) was taken on Father's Day when Jer and I were over for dinner. Jeramey had won that Donkey the night before at a local pub.... you know the Toy Crane machines that are designed to take all your money without giving you a prize? Well, he beat it!!!
It was a total fluke.... They jam the toys in there so tight that you have no chance of pulling them loose with the flimsy claw.... unless you accidentally* snag the claw on the toy's tag!!! :-D it was awesome... we all let out this big cheer (which, of course, made everybody look over!!! embarrassing)
*Jer claims he hooked the tag on purpose (yeah right, totally fluke)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Death By Seed Stitch

Despite the warning by a previous comment by Todaylour, I started the Monk's Travel Satchel..... with the miles and miles of seed stitch!!! It killed me. I will post again when I am resuscitated. Wish me luck. Please do not send flowers.

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